201 Fukadaso  1-9-7 Hirano Koto-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


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  • 清澄白河​

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Concept Story <English>


LOTTADESIGN. is a shoes select shop
based at Kiyosumi-Shirakawa.

Lineups are simple standard and easy-wear designs

that are not trend dependent.
Semi-ordermade shoes grant wishes
to customize individual choices.

Variety of colors and shapes,
fabric patterns and ribbons
makes your heart dance.

Time to slowly wait for the shoes
to be finished in a little town of Kobe
grows you close to the product.


Find and wear your original

choice full of cheers


<photo> Shoes_FIKA ¥8,800~

 Model : Asami Morita / Photographer : Nao Tadachi

Hair&Make : Aoi Nagasawa / Concept : Haruna Hamamoto

Stylist : Yumeka Tanikawa /Clothes : and Curtain Call